Come one, come all to ThurtenE 2017! 

Celebrate the 110th anniversary of ThurtenE Carnival at our “Picture Perfect” celebration! Enjoy the magic and tradition of the oldest and largest-student run carnival in the nation. 

ThurtenE Carnival involves dozens of student groups and showcases the uniqueness, creativity and hard work of the student body at Washington University in St. Louis. With never-before-seen Carnival attractions, the weekend will be one for the books!

Coinciding with Alumni Weekend, ThurtenE is not only a time to bring together the past and present, but to lay the foundations for a brighter future. Net proceeds from the carnival this year will be donated to our community partner, the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition. The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition is a nonprofit organization which benefits the lives of foster children by recruiting and supporting foster and adoptive families in the St. Louis metropolitan community. The Coalition’s innovative programs are dedicated to finding a permanent home for a foster child in a fraction of the time it would normally take, and preparing adoptive parents and children with the resources to see long-term success. Learn more about the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition:

TIME Magazine Article

New York Times Article

Eddie Foxx's Story

This year, hundreds of Washington University students have worked together to build a number of "open facades" that will offer an even wider variety of activities compared to years past!

This year's facade groups are: 

Alpha Epsilon Phi and Sigma Nu
Delta Gamma and Theta Xi
Kappa Kappa Gamma and Kappa Sigma
Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Epsilon Pi
Alpha Phi and Sigma Chi

The carnival will also include an appearance from the NOW96.3 Station Vehicle on Friday, STL Cardinals’ Team Fredbird on Saturday evening, an interactive Mobile Products Showcase from Mastercard, a high-rising basketball contest from Coca-Cola, and amazing performances from talented groups around the Wash U and St. Louis communities!



Friday, April 21 4pm-8pm
**rides and booths only, $20 unlimited rides wristband option**

Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23: 11am-8pm
**rides, booths and facade performances*

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The 2016 ThurtenE Carnival Award Winners

We would like to thank all of the student groups and greek organizations that participated in the 2016 ThurtenE Carnival.

Your hard work, creativity, and dedication was what made this year's Carnival one of the best in recent history. The members of the 2016 ThurtenE Honorary really enjoyed working with you and we hope that you continue to participate in the years to come. 


Each year, groups are awarded trophies for various categories.  The 2016 Thurtene Carnival Award Winners are below:

The Burmeister Cup for Overall Excellence: Sigma Alpha Epsilon / Delta Gamma 

Best Construction: Alpha Epsilon Pi / Pi Beta Phi

Best Production: Kappa Sigma / Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Spirit Cup: Sigma Alpha Epsilon / Delta Gamma

"The Chops" Award for Overall Excellence: Tau Kappa Epsilon / Alpha Omicron Pi 

Best Food Booth: Bhakti Yoga Club 

Best Game Booth: Alpha Epsilon Pi / Pi Beta Phi

Once again, thank you to all the student groups who participated in this year's Carnival, and congratulations to all the award winners!



The 2016 ThurtenE Carnival: Year In Review

As traditions come and go each season, it is easy for some years to be forgotten in the repetitive minutia.  As the ThurtenE Carnival happened for the 109th time, some years may not stand out as clearly.  But if you were able to experience any part of the 2016 ThurtenE Carnival, it was clear that this year had some unforgettable magic instilled within it. 

For one, the weather was gorgeous for the entirety of the Carnival.  Many Carnivals have not been so lucky to have the St. Louis weather be so cooperative.  Although the weather was certainly a helpful factor, this year’s Carnival was destined to have an extra buzz.  This energy is directly related to the dynamism, time commitment, and creativity that each student group poured into their participation.  Not only were there more student group participants than the previous year, but each of them made a profit (all but two had accomplished this goal by Saturday).  This is a testament to how hard they worked to make this community event an interactive experience for all attendees, as they also shared in our goal of making this year’s Carnival one that would withstand the test of time.

Although a celebration is certainly in order for the student groups, there is also an insurmountable debt owed to the Washington University community.  None of this could have happened without the steadfast dedication from individuals who believed in our dream of making the best ThurtenE Carnival ever.  Of course it is unclear whether or not this goal was accomplished, but that does not mean that we did not push administrators and staff relentlessly on making accommodations for us as we pursued it.  Everyone in this community was an absolute treasure to work with and none of the success that came to this year’s Carnival could have been accomplished without them.

So, how can we tell if the 2016 ThurtenE Carnival will be remembered as something that was incredibly special and unique in its storied past?  Community events like the ThurtenE Carnival are judged by the smiles, laughs, and joyous memories that occur from it.  So think back upon your time at the Carnival.  Think about riding the SkyMaster Vortex and the Ferris Wheel.  Think about how you stuffed your stomach with a mixture of funnel cakes, burgers, and snow cones.  Think about the great productions you were able to see.  Think about the friends whom you were able to connect with and alumni whom you were able to see once again.  If in your reflection, you’re filled with those warm memories, then we accomplished our goal. 



The 2016 ThurtenE Carnival Is Safer Than Ever!

Thanks to the kind donation from Washington University’s Environmental Health and Safety Department this year, façade groups have been given SawStops that will prevent serious injuries from the saw blade. These devices are engineered to brake if there is a change in the electrical current, which occurs when a hand or body part comes in contact with the blade. The saw stops within 5 milliseconds.  This is an amazing addition to the Carnival this year and demonstrates the University’s commitment to student safety while encouraging students to participate in this long-standing University tradition. Brad King, Director of Occupational Safety, explains, “Replacing traditional table saws with SawStop table saws will ensure that devastating injuries such as amputations or serious cuts will not occur.” The SawStops will have a significant and essential impact on the ThurtenE Carnival for years to come and we are so grateful for this donation!

However, this is not the only safety measure implemented in the construction process of this year’s Carnival. Other safety measures have been incorporated to ensure safety during construction and teardown of the facades including safety training, rulebooks, power tool training, power tool inspections, architectural safety reviews, and site safety inspections. Additionally, for the second year, the ThurtenE Carnival has enlisted the advice and consultation of National Safety. A safety consulting firm to the construction industry, National Safety is helping façade groups in their various procedures for wall raising and tear down while also adding another layer of safety for Washington University students and the St. Louis community as they come to enjoy the ThurtenE Carnival. 



Thurtene 2016

Congratulations to the new KIDs of ThurtenE 2016!


Adrian Lee

Brianna Tobias

Vikram Biswas

Cami Koziatek

Anna Boerwinkle

Jackson Smith

Sarah Heintz

CJ Harrington

Ethan Rinchik

Alastair Hicklin-Coorey

Maansi Vatsan

Abby Rickeman

Chase Wehrle



2015 ThurtenE Carnival Award Winners

The members of the 2015 ThurtenE Honorary would like to extend a thank you to all the student groups, fraternities, and sororities that participated in this year's Carnival! We were incredibly inspired and humbled by everyone's hard work and creativity, and could not have asked for a better experience our junior year. 


Each year, groups are awarded trophies for various categories.  The 2015 Thurtene Carnival Award Winners are below:


The Burmeister Cup for Overall Excellence: Alpha Epsilon Pi/Pi Beta Phi

Best Construction: Sigma Alpha Epsilon/Chi Omega

Best Production: Sigma Nu/Delta Gamma

Spirit Cup: Alpha Epsilon Pi/Pi Beta Phi


"The Chops" Award for Overall Excellence: Sigma Chi/Alpha Phi 

Best Food Booth: STEWARD (walking tacos)

Best Game Booth: Books and Basketball


Once again, thank you to all the student groups who participated in this year's Carnival, and congratulations to all the award winners!



Thurtene 2015

Congratulations to the new KIDs of ThurtenE 2015!


Vikram Guruswamy

Kendall Maxwell

Luke Silverman-Lloyd

Ben Krupp

Vanessa Salazar

Akeda Hosten

Ellie Davis

Kyle Robbins

Adam Cohen-Nowak

John Carney

Claire McKinnon

Claire Packer

Scotty Jacobs




2014 ThurtenE Carnival Award Winners

The members of the 2014 ThurtenE Honorary would like to thank all the student groups, fraternities, and sororities that participated in this year's Carnival!  We enjoyed working with you all, and would like to thank you for helping us make the 2014 ThurtenE Carnival a success!

Each year, groups are awarded trophies for various categories.  The 2014 Thurtene Carnival Award Winners are below:


The Burmeister Cup for Overall Excellence: Delta Gamma/Sigma Nu

Best Construction: Alpha Epsilon Phi/Theta Xi

Best Production: Kappa Kappa Gamma/Kappa Sigma

Spirit Cup: Chi Omega/Beta Theta Pi


"The Chops" Award for Overall Excellence: Delta Sigma Pi

Best Food Booth: Ashoka

Best Game Booth: Sigma Chi

Student Groups Spirit Award: Alpha Phi Omega


Once again, thank you to all the student groups who participated in this year's Carnival, and congratulations to all the award winners!



2014 ThurtenE Carnival Theme

The theme of the 2014 ThurtenE Carnival has officially been selected!  This year's theme is Endless Discovery, Explore the Tradition.  We hope to see you all endlessly discovering the fun at the 2014 ThurtenE Carnival, Aprill 11th-13th in front of Brookings!



2014 Charity

This year, the 2014 ThurtenE Honorary has selected Team Activities for Special Kids (TASK) as its charity.  TASK is year-round instructional sports program that provides athletic and social opportunities to kids with special needs. The purpose of the program is to help build self-esteem and skills in children with special needs. Each athlete receives a team t-shirt and trophy upon completion of the sport.  TASK serves around 1,900 special needs children, and offers group and individual sports as well as other social and recreational activities.


We look forward to having TASK as our selected charity for the 2014 ThurtenE Carnival!



ThurtenE 2014

Congratulations to ThurtenE 2014


Arielle Lang

Vivek Biswas

Cyrie Wilson

Derek Krinock

Frances Biedenharn

John Riney

Alexa Profozich

Muhammad Zargar

Jenn Purisch

Chris Levin

Julie Iles

Jeff Otieno

Hannah Chase


Applications now available

Applications for the ThurtenE Junior Honorary are now available. To download a copy of the application, click the Apply link at the top of this webpage. All applications are due on Friday, September 20th by 13:13. Applicants should deliver their applications to the Office of Dean Carroll in the Residential Life Office. The ResLife Office is located in the South 40 House on the South 40.