Thanks to the kind donation from Washington University’s Environmental Health and Safety Department this year, façade groups have been given SawStops that will prevent serious injuries from the saw blade. These devices are engineered to brake if there is a change in the electrical current, which occurs when a hand or body part comes in contact with the blade. The saw stops within 5 milliseconds.  This is an amazing addition to the Carnival this year and demonstrates the University’s commitment to student safety while encouraging students to participate in this long-standing University tradition. Brad King, Director of Occupational Safety, explains, “Replacing traditional table saws with SawStop table saws will ensure that devastating injuries such as amputations or serious cuts will not occur.” The SawStops will have a significant and essential impact on the ThurtenE Carnival for years to come and we are so grateful for this donation!

However, this is not the only safety measure implemented in the construction process of this year’s Carnival. Other safety measures have been incorporated to ensure safety during construction and teardown of the facades including safety training, rulebooks, power tool training, power tool inspections, architectural safety reviews, and site safety inspections. Additionally, for the second year, the ThurtenE Carnival has enlisted the advice and consultation of National Safety. A safety consulting firm to the construction industry, National Safety is helping façade groups in their various procedures for wall raising and tear down while also adding another layer of safety for Washington University students and the St. Louis community as they come to enjoy the ThurtenE Carnival.