As traditions come and go each season, it is easy for some years to be forgotten in the repetitive minutia.  As the ThurtenE Carnival happened for the 109th time, some years may not stand out as clearly.  But if you were able to experience any part of the 2016 ThurtenE Carnival, it was clear that this year had some unforgettable magic instilled within it. 

For one, the weather was gorgeous for the entirety of the Carnival.  Many Carnivals have not been so lucky to have the St. Louis weather be so cooperative.  Although the weather was certainly a helpful factor, this year’s Carnival was destined to have an extra buzz.  This energy is directly related to the dynamism, time commitment, and creativity that each student group poured into their participation.  Not only were there more student group participants than the previous year, but each of them made a profit (all but two had accomplished this goal by Saturday).  This is a testament to how hard they worked to make this community event an interactive experience for all attendees, as they also shared in our goal of making this year’s Carnival one that would withstand the test of time.

Although a celebration is certainly in order for the student groups, there is also an insurmountable debt owed to the Washington University community.  None of this could have happened without the steadfast dedication from individuals who believed in our dream of making the best ThurtenE Carnival ever.  Of course it is unclear whether or not this goal was accomplished, but that does not mean that we did not push administrators and staff relentlessly on making accommodations for us as we pursued it.  Everyone in this community was an absolute treasure to work with and none of the success that came to this year’s Carnival could have been accomplished without them.

So, how can we tell if the 2016 ThurtenE Carnival will be remembered as something that was incredibly special and unique in its storied past?  Community events like the ThurtenE Carnival are judged by the smiles, laughs, and joyous memories that occur from it.  So think back upon your time at the Carnival.  Think about riding the SkyMaster Vortex and the Ferris Wheel.  Think about how you stuffed your stomach with a mixture of funnel cakes, burgers, and snow cones.  Think about the great productions you were able to see.  Think about the friends whom you were able to connect with and alumni whom you were able to see once again.  If in your reflection, you’re filled with those warm memories, then we accomplished our goal.