Welcome to the 2017 ThurtenE Carnival, a tradition unlike any other in the St. Louis area!  Prepare to discover the joys and triumph along your journey to explore the tradition. Picture Perfect: Capture the Memories that Last a Lifetime at Thurtene Carnival 2017! 

Find your way around the Carnival using this map!

Carnival Rides

A.    Ferris Wheel

B.    Skooter

C.     Cliffhanger

D.    Merry-Go-Round

E.     Dizzy Dragon

F.     Moby Dick

G.    Pharaoh’s Fury

H.    Kamikaze

I.      Sugar Shack

J.      Shark Fishing Game

K.     Mardi Gras

L.     Balloon Bust

M.   Crazy Bus

N.    Motorcycle Jump

O.    Vortex


ThurtenE & Sponsors

1.     ThurtenE, Community Partner, & First Aid

2.     MasterCard Trailer Saturday & Sunday

3.     MasterCard Tent

4.     Coca-Cola Pop-A-Shot

5.     Coca-Cola Tent

Student Groups

6.    NOW 96.3 Radio

7.    DSP (Funnel Cakes)

8.     ZBT (Fried Foods and Drinks)

9.     KD (Dunk Tank)

12. KARL Improv (Dice Game and Fruit Punch)

13. Engineers Without Borders (Face Painting)

14. Dance Marathon (Popsicles)

15. Lock and Chain (Lemonade)

16. GlobeMed (Chocolate covered Fruit)

17. Ashoka/Chahaat (Samosas)

19. WUSTL Men’s Soccer (Shooting Net)

21. Alpha Chi Sigma (Dip n Dots)

22. AKPsi (Smoothies)

23. Chi O (Waffle Sticks)

24. LAUNCH (Goldfish Toss)

25. Beary Sweet Shoppe (Candy)

26. Books and Basketball (Basketball Shot)